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Camera height in 1st person won't match non VR

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    [OCULUS] Camera height in 1st person won't match non VR

    Hey, so my vr (oculus) camera is always about 35-40 cm higher than my non vr mode cam. (my htc is even higher!)
    i currently fix this issue by testing for "head mounted display" and if true,
    i set my scene component that hold my camera in my character to about 37cm lower at begin play.

    but i don't know why this happens. i already tried different setup values in the oculus setup. but it doesnt make a difference
    if i set it to ~130 seated height (my game is seated experience) or if i set it to 180 height
    can someone explain this to me?

    i also found this "head model v2" thingy, but it doesn't really do anything to my project. even when i put astronomical values into the head model offset.
    i believe i don't understand its proper usage
    i think i'm fundamentally missing something out here.

    thank you in advance!!