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VR Editor and Selecting/Geometry Brushes

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    VR Editor and Selecting/Geometry Brushes

    I am using Unreal to help me prototype my Metaverse and so far I am seriously impressed. I feel like it was made for me. Very easy to pick up and it is hitting all the right spots with Visual Scripting and such. One area that I am unclear on is why I cannot point to and select or grab Geometry Brushes, specifically the Box Brush with my ViVe controller? I seem to be able to grab all other objects with my motion controller, but not meshes. I can of course point and click with my mouse on a box brush, but not with the ViVe. I got to be missing something here right? I am using meshes to make walls and floors etc which I can apply textures to later.


    BSP's do not work with VREditor at the moment. However feel free to Static meshes under "basic" and block out your level with those (although stairs will be more difficult).
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