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On-screen VR Preview and HMD don't work if I take it off my head

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    [OCULUS] On-screen VR Preview and HMD don't work if I take it off my head

    Does anyone know how to allow the game to keep playing in the VR Preview window once I remove the Rift from my head?

    As soon as I take it off my game stops, which means I have to keep taking it on and off when I want to see if minor things are working in game.

    This isn't the answer you're looking for, but my solution has been to lift my rift to my forehead, so that it still detects my forehead and thinks I'm inside.

    This isn't perfectly ideal so I'll be watching if someone has an actual answer for an option that keeps it enabled. That seems like a thing that should exist


      I'm surprised there isn't a "Keep HMD Display On" function, or a way to access/disable the proximity sensor. Or maybe a function/tag for the mirror window, to keep the game running even if proximity sensor turns off the HMD. UE4 also needs WAY more control over the mirror/preview window.
      I really wish I could turn the preview window into an in-game security camera perspective, to show players outside VR a non-first-person view from the game.


        we've been keeping a thumb over the face sensor (top front center, near where the head strap connects) when we need to do this.