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[GEAR VR] Cubemap material not showing up in GearVR

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    [GEAR VR] Cubemap material not showing up in GearVR

    I have the SM_SkySphere with a simple material (see screenshot)
    it's showing up in the mobile preview inside UE4, but on the GearVR, the material is not showing (the Skysphere is checkered grey)

    any ideas ?
    (the material is 2sided and unlit)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	skymapnoworks.png
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    Be best to ditch the skysphere and make your own skybox, also I'm not looking at it this second but i'll check back here later when i have that called up on PC. Will get ya set up.


      Thanks William.
      Yeah - I thought so. I ended up building my own skybox in Maya (simple ball -> might make it a half one to save tris)

      Meanwhile I got this from the Answerhub 'This renders for me in 4.12 Preview 5, but does require a component mask between the normalize and texture sample since the material is throwing an error that needs to be fixed otherwise the material will not compile correctly.'
      link :