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    [VIVE] Pick up and fire gun

    This has me stumped. I can attach a gun mesh to the controllers and in the Vive Pawn create a working line trace from the gun meshes themselves but how would I be able to pick up a working gun BP and shoot it. Normally you would assign it to the player characters hand socket in the mesh but the vive pawn controller doesn't have a mesh so what is the work around for this?
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    they talk about this here:


      Ya that's actually more picking or grabbing objects. What I'm trying to do is spawn/equip a weapon to one of the controllers and shoot. There is virtually no tutorials out there on this and I have spend a good 40 + hours trying to fix this over the last few days to no avail.


        Hey tcla75, I was able to do this by using AttachToComponent and providing a reference to a point I wanted to attach the object to. In this case, I added a Arrow Component as a child of my controller.

        To switch items I created a Interactable base class, and everytime I switch weapons/items I spawn a new Interactable, and call AttachToComponent on that item.


          Try Michael Allar

          lot's of good dev twitch feeds from him here
          he made a basketball, shotgun thing... might give ya a few pointers... if not it's a hell of a watch anyway...

          his twitch feed..