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Bad performance with ProceduralMeshComponent in VR

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    [VIVE] Bad performance with ProceduralMeshComponent in VR


    I am working on a moddeling programm like Blender in VR.

    The "Face-Class" hold the proceduralMeshComponent.
    To get a Triangle, i spawn it with: SpawnActorFromClass
    I gernerate a triangle between 3 Actors (Dots Positions) with CreateMeshSection.
    Update it with UpdateMeshSection every Tick.

    I can update every Tick less then 36 Triangles.

    Is there any better way to do this?
    Any performance hints?

    Until now, i am working only in Blueprints.
    Version 4.11.2 and Version 4.12.0 Preview 4

    I'm sort of confused on how you're going about rendering this... Are you using separate PMC's or separate sections per triangle? or are you combining them all into one section on one PMC? If you're doing separate sections/components for each triangle you're going to very quickly become limited by the draw call counts and/or the ticking logic in each one.

    You're current problem could also be due to blueprints since especially ticking logic in a blueprint isn't a particularly good idea, especially when you have a bunch of them.
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      Every Triangle has his own PMC's. I would be better, i create only one PMC and add new vertices?
      What would be the better way to move things as with using the thinking logic?
      I use SetWorldLocation for moving things with ticking logic. Move would be better?