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[VIVE] Grab Objects how to?

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    [VIVE] Grab Objects how to?

    I'm relative new to Unreal and Vive, I already have a working test project were i can look around and teleport but what i have not been able to do is grab, move and release objects. I have done some tutorials on garbing objects like this but when i try it on this project i have not been able to make it work.

    do anyone have any guidance or perhaps a sample project?

    Thanks, I appreciate.
    Guillermo Leal.

    Search for "physics object pickup" - I used that tutorial as a base, replacing the mouse-based interaction with motion-controller trigger grabbing.
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      Thanks For you replay, i already figure it out with this video


        I'm trying to use the pickup method from this tutorial:

        I've got everything set up as they have, but the object I'm trying to pick up never attaches to the controller on trigger press/hold. I set up debug events throughout the whole sequence, and everything fires correctly... but it never grabs the "ball" from the ball blueprint it is detecting.

        Is there anything in particular that needs to be set up on the ball I am trying to interact with? It's a sphere primitive with "Generate Overlap Events" checked, simulate physics checked, object type "World Dynamic", collision presets are set to custom "overlap only" on all collision events.


          I know this is really old but maybe someone here could still help me with my problem.

          I tried recreating this exact method but after some troubleshooting i found out: my controllers have the forward vector {0;0;0}.

          Whilst trying to generate the hit event by simply hitting the object with the controller, it locks up right above the spot where the two objects (the controller and the "ball" - a simple sphere - in this case) hit.
          I can move the ball but it repositions as if attached by rubber.