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Resolution for 360 VR video? Someone using 6k 60fps?

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    [OCULUS] Resolution for 360 VR video? Someone using 6k 60fps?

    hi! i want to know if someone is using 6k 60fps video texture? I need to know if there is some limitation with this in ue4.
    I want to record some footage with an array of 6 gopro, and made an interactive tour with this (like google street view but with video).
    For Android (GearVR/cardboard) and PC (i5 - 970gtx - 8ram - Oculus), i want to know what is the texture limitations for this, for pc and smartphone.
    What's the max resolution you guys has used for this kind of videos in both platforms?


    nobody is working with 360 videos here?


      To my knowledge, nobody is using 6k video in UE4. I haven't tested the max, but UHD resolution (3840x2160) might work. I think for windows media that would be limited to 30fps though.


        I'm afraid you are going to meet some serious performance issues. On the GearVR I wasn't able to use videos with a resolution superior to 720p without big performance issues. This should have been improved in 4.11, but I doubt 4k or 6k may be usable.
        Checkout this thread for more details.