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VR Multiplayer Spectator without HMD tracking

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    VR Multiplayer Spectator without HMD tracking

    Hi there,

    I am trying to make a little VR scene where I can walk around, which is already working fine,
    but now I would like to show the room I am seeing in VR to other persons on another display and from another perspective.

    The desired goal would be a system, in which a server is handling the HMD and a client on another computer can see two things:
    The whole room and also a picture in picture view showing the vr content.

    In my current setup the server is starting with the player and the client starts a spectator camera, but unfortunately the spectator camera also gets the tracking of the hmd.
    I already tried to enable/disable the hmd with an switch has authority but the result is always applied to both screens.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help!


    Use a render to texture + camera that is a child of your character, and have your spectator's watch a "TV" showing that child camera. At least, that is how I would start investigating doing something like this.
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      I am also looking to do exactly this. Does anyone know how I can get P2/Spectator to not have his setup rendering as a HMD player?
      My current test is trying to have multiplayer P1 being a regular HMD player and P2 will be a custom Spectator player. Did anyone get something like this to work?



        I got a setup working ok for what I need now, producing video footage.
        Basically I am just adding a player 2(or 3) which turns off stereo/vr rendering and takes its camera movement from another blueprint actor which has camera animation exported from Maya.
        Seems to work ok hopefully. Of course I am not sure how this will work with my system resources like cpu/gpu that's still to be tested. I'll probably have to add switches to alter the scenes in different ways when playing + recording this way.


          Did you make sure to mark the Spectator Camera Player 1 not Player 0?

          If both are set to Player 0, then that sounds like your issue.