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How do you capture VR gameplay?

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    Originally posted by getnamo View Post
    To my knowledge, the resolution should be 4:5 for DK1, 8:9 for DK2 and 9:10 for CV1/Vive for it to appear correctly.


    640x800 for DK1? (not even sure if it supports this mirroring)

    960x1080 or 640x720 for DK2

    1080x1200, 972x1080 or 648x720 for CV1/Vive

    Off topic: This made me look at the resolution changes for the headsets:
    DK1: 1,024,000 pixels
    DK2: 2,073,600 pixels (102.5% more pixels than DK1)
    CV1/Vive: 2,520,000 pixels (21.5% more pixels than DK2)

    Considering the change in required FPS

    DK1: 60fps
    DK2: 75fps
    CV1/Vive: 90fps

    You need to be able to push
    DK1: 61,440,000 pixels/s
    DK2: 155,520,000 pixels/s (153% more pixels/s than DK1)
    CV1/Vive: 226,800,000 pixels/s (45.8% more pixels/s than DK2)

    This means CV1/Vive is 3.69 time more demanding on your GPU than DK1 before you even get to overdraw... Crazy. What about 4k? 746MPS! or 3.29 times more than CV1, yeah we're not there yet.
    I think you have your aspect ratios backwards. The way you have it would cause the vertical size of the screen to be greater than the horizontal.

    Through some informal testing, I've found that if you have a 1080 monitor, these would be the ideal window settings to use in Windows 7:
    (gives 80 px to the border and start menu)

    Has anyone had any luck with recording gameplay in shadow play using game preview in windowed mode?

    Edit: Upon further testing, it turns out that I'm completely wrong and getnamo is correct. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to get 6:9 aspect ratio play back in the viewport when viewing in VR.
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