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dk1, unreal engine vr preview problems fixed

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    Thanks a ton for posting this, it helped me get my dk1 up and running with 4.7 in no time at all!

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  • started a topic dk1, unreal engine vr preview problems fixed

    dk1, unreal engine vr preview problems fixed

    I was having some trouble getting my dk1 and unreal engine vr preview working. I figured out what my issue(s) were and thought I'd share them here as it is awesome when it is working properly.
    I was running oculus 4.2 and unreal 4.6. I upgraded to 4.7 and then the Oculus no longer integrated properly. There was a message that I needed to upgrade to 0.4.4 oculus driver, np I did that.

    After doing that it would not detect the oculus unless I choose extend to hmd mode, but that didn't appear to work well with unreal engines vr preview mode, with 4.7.0 if memory serves it created a 3rd almost fake vr window that I could drag into my main window and was super slow. I upgraded to 4.7.2 this morning though and I'll jump to the end of the story, this is the setting you want, you want unreal engine 4.7.2, oculus driver 0.4.4 with extend desktop to hmd (this is key) and rift saver enabled (this is not likely key), and then your monitor settings (this is key) change the default resolution for the rift to it's default resolution (1280x800 for dk1) - it defaulted for me to a higher one which is not usable for the dk1 - it needs to be set to the default resolution.

    now when I choose virtualvr mode, it automatically opens the game in the dk1 fully imersive head tracking the full 9 yards - awesome!

    Thanks guys, this is what I've always wanted!

    I'm not sure if my oculus works now with any standard games now but I'll cross that bridge next I guess (without the direct hdm access from apps option working in the dk1), ah well, will upgrade when the consumer release comes out and all will be well .

    Have fun - thanks unreal all the great work, you have a fantastic product & team!
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