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Issues with the Rift

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    Issues with the Rift

    Hey everyone, been trying to search around for what seems like some basic problems but I haven't been able to find anything. I've got a DK2 (on .4.4) and all the latest Unreal stuff.

    My first problem is when I try to run UT from the launcher window the image is not correctly divided so I get no blending in between and also the head tracking doesn't work in menu (it does in game though, that how it's supposed to be?).

    So to test it I went into the editor and started up the VR level from the content examples project and everything seems to work correctly there.

    The other thing is when I open up the console command window with the ~ and type in showlog (trying a sanity check from here) I can't type anything into the window.
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    Slight update: While playing UT the screen is split correctly but the left side is untextured