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VR Olive: New fps controller, more inmersion, less dizziness and accurate aiming

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    Originally posted by CarlosCoronado View Post
    Well, I am not a competitive player but 2 friends of mine are "semi-pr0s", they tried the prototype and they liked it a lot but of course for pro situations it felt diferent for them. In terms of aiming accuracy while you are rotating, if that's what you are asking, they felt really confortable. In fact, if you hold the Rotate body button while running and pressing A or D, you can do super cool matrix stuff haha

    I'm going to implement a feature and I will implement the demo soon

    Thanks for the feedback!
    If you're wondering, this is the control scheme I'll be trying to combine it with: GBKillhouse 2014 17 03 Rift.

    If figure that when the player takes their weapon off target, switch to the head driven rotation.
    When the player brings their weapon back on target, switch to mouse controlled rotation.
    Speed and accuracy... ?
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      Originally posted by CarlosCoronado View Post
      Hey! I still need to think how am I going to release this to the public, but I am certanly sure I am going to release it somehow so you can use it. I am a little bit divided. In one hand I've spent a lot of time in this and not getting involved in paid job because of this and I want to earn a bit with this but in the other hand I want as much people as posible to use it. We'll see! I have to think about it
      Sell it on the marketplace if you need the money. Plain and simple. I would gladly pay for something like this.


        Kris, that video seems great! The problem I see is that there is no way to know where the center of the screen is, and it seems the weapon is aiming there. But hey, you can try VR Olive by yourself here. Let me know what you think about speed and accuracy :

        HeadClot yes, marketplace is something I've been thinking about. But first VR Olive have to improve a lot!


          After a long period working on the dungeon I’m ready to give you some news about VR Olive.

          As you know, the VR integration is a mix between the total immersion of the headset and an external control device, such as a keyboard, mouse or pad. The development in this direction goes very well, the integration with pads is done, and it uses the stick to rotate the body. It’s the equivalent to the “E” button in the keyboard controls. However, the best new is that implementation is open to user configuration thanks to the bindings system. Finally the rotation speed is adjustable with the mouse wheel, another aspect with the best immersion in focus, without a gameplay loss.

          Last but not less important, I was thinking about the camera shake effect and how to avoid the sickness.

          Traditionally games implements this effect moving the camera in the same way as we move the mouse randomly. In VR this is a problem because the equivalent to the mouse movement is our head, and it will be like we are headbanging like in a heavy metal concert.

          To solve this in VR Olive I’m moving the camera laterally. To help you understand it, it’s like someone grabs you and shakes you from left to right. The shake effect works, but we will not loose the head control, since all the body is moving. With this configuration we want to achieve a more natural control and integration of the player and the environment.


            Hey Carlos,

            Great update! Can't wait to see the head movement in action! I'm curious to see how it makes the player feel and react.
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