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Reducing rendered FOV for DK2 (4.7/0.4.4)

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    Reducing rendered FOV for DK2 (4.7/0.4.4)

    Setup: UE4.7P1 and 0.4.4 runtime with DK2

    The currently rendered FOV for DK2 is reported as 106.093(V)/94.160(H).

    When I use the OculusWorldDemo from the 0.4.4 SDK and change the rendered FOV (I/K keys) I see that 82(V)/82(H) is sufficient for my head shape when the eye relief is out (maximum distance to lenses).

    I would love to use reduced FOV settings in UE4 since reduced FOV has a noticeable impact on render performance in the Landscape environment.
    • Tried changing the eye relief settings in the Oculus Configuration but that had no effect on the rendered FOV.
    • I found this AnswerHub post but not sure if that's still valid for 4.7/0.4.4.

    Is it possible to use a reduced FOV without making changes to the source?
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    Well I just tried in 4.7 4 and had the same results as listed in the AnswerHub post, the values update in the HMD Stats, but don't actually affect the output at all. Looks like this wasn't actually fixed in any of the releases.


      I also didn't see the AnswerHub code fragment integrated into the code base.
      If I currently change the FOV values according to the AnswerHub post and then go into DK2 mode (ALT+Enter) then I will then also end up in an assertion in GetStereoProjectionMatrix(). Looking at the code this probably happens because UpdateStereoRenderingParams() is immediately returning when these parameters are set manually.

      Looks like there's probably right now no code integrated to regenerate the distortion mesh or override the max FOV reported by Oculus runtime at startup.


        yepp... I think we will have to wait until Epic Games fixes it.