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Problem with Oculus + UE4

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    Problem with Oculus + UE4

    Currently I'm facing a problem where the preset demo's and even in UE4 software launch scene in does not appear in the oculus although the oculus works without any problems with the demo from oculus website and also demo games from unity.

    After creating a certain scene with UE4 or using the preset First Person template in the software, launching it normally in the software has no problem but after I press alt+enter for full screen mode, the windows shows oculus dual view mode but the video in oculus doesn't appear.

    I have tried activating the oculus preset plugin in the UE4 software but it doesn't help.
    What should I do to fix this problem?
    Does anyone else has this problem? Do you know how to fix it?

    I'm currently running or UE4.6.1 and oculus SDK 0.4.4 beta.
    Your help will be much appreciated.

    Facingin the exact same issue. Its infuriating! Same versions too. Really would love some help, been stuck with this for 3 days now!


      Hey Sunnyseah-

      What exactly do you mean when you say the "preset demo" and "software launch"? Is the Oculus set to Direct HMD or Extend Desktop mode? Also, when you tested in the First Person Template had you changed/added anything to the projector did you launch a standalone window immediately after creating/opening the project? If you use the console command "stereo on" does anything show up in the Oculus view?