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UE4FirstPersonVRTemplate Question - Player Height and Hide

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    UE4FirstPersonVRTemplate Question - Player Height and Hide

    I have been going mad with trying to do two things, which seem impossible for me, given my limited blueprint abilities. How can I control the height of the player, so my camera is lower than it is at the moment both in normal and VR mode?
    Also, how can I hide the mesh of the player?

    That's all for now, please, please help.


    Do you want to change this in the editor, or do you need to change this while the game is running?

    If in the editor, for visibility:
    - Open the ExplorationCharacter Blueprint.
    - Select Components in the upper right part of the screen.
    - Select Mesh in the Components panel.
    - Find and uncheck the Rendering>Visible option in the Details panel.
    - Repeat for the Head in the Components panel.

    For height:
    - In the same view, select the FirstPersonCamera in the Components panel.
    - Drag it down a bit in the view.

    With blueprints:
    - Right click on the event graph and and search for a reference to the component you want to change (FirstPersonCamera, Mesh or Head).
    - Drag and drop from the output pin and search for the value you want to change (Set Relative Location or Set Visibility).
    - Add the logic for changing the value.


      Thank you very much!