Hi - Using the SteamVR plugin to build a level. I have a few questions about locomotion/teleport.

I have a level design that is basically a large ring that I want to be able to walk around the inside face of, so the floor is curved and you can walk/teleport around, eventually ending up standing on the roof if you want. But it will always look the 'right way round' to the player.

Any hints as to how I might achieve this with the player orientation - At a guess I need to be able to update the player Z orientation constantly and re-orientate the player so Z-Up is always pointing towards the centre of the ring which is at 0,0,0 - But I have no idea how to do this. I am guessing I need to get a vector and somehow use it to re-set the players Z direction constantly. Where and how would l I do this - in the VRPawn blueprint?

Secondly - I am having trouble with the NavMesh/Teleport to try and achieve this ring walk. The teleport system as far as I can tell gets its 'teleport to' location from the pointer hitting collision boxes, generated in the Nav Mesh, however I cannot find a way to make the NAV mesh collision generation to be curved or round. If I try to place collision boxes and arrange them in a circle the NavMesh does not stick to them and makes weird angles - any thoughts on a way round this? essentially I need a circular collision mesh that the teleporter can interact with.

Thanks in advance