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VR - Widgets Buttons, problems with the Thumbstick and with the Focus ?? Help please.

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    VR - Widgets Buttons, problems with the Thumbstick and with the Focus ?? Help please.

    Good morning, obviously I'm a novice, so sorry for the stupid question.
    But it's been 2 days since I haven't been able to find a solution, I've looked at every guide on youtube, I've read many posts, but nothing.

    I must say that my experience with this graphics engine is making this period of quarantine very pleasant (not that before the quarantine, I left home a lot :/),
    I have fun and I am excited to use this engine.
    But in some moments like this, I would like to cry.


    I am using an Index Valve (helmet and controller), to the player I hooked a component to which a widget is mounted.
    This widget will then be populated by additional child widgets.

    When I interact with the NPC I display several dialogues and questions which are accompanied by dynamic answers (buttons) from another widget.



    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I correctly see the NPC question and its answers (BUTTONS)

    The problem is the selection of the buttons, I tried focus everywhere to test .. but nothing, the best result was:

    I see the question, I see the answers (BUTTONS) and, with the keyboard, if I press "enter" it does nothing ..
    But if I press "down" I miss the first button but I focus the second,
    from here I can press enter and proceed or go up to the button that I missed and continue them by pressing enter.

    I noticed that, if at the first display of the buttons, I press TAB, I focus correctly on the first button.

    So, besides the fact that I don't understand why the thumbstick doesn't select the buttons, I can't get the buttons to work properly, even when I use the keyboard.

    I really hope someone can help me, I usually avoid asking without research (which I did), but this situation after 2 days has become frustrating


    Ok ... now the focus works .. apparently I wasn't focusing on the button ... ok I'm stupid but ..
    Now according to you .. what is the best accommodation between these two?

    1) "Old"

    Click image for larger version  Name:	e66bbdca29294e14f3dc39d94d1d4544.png Views:	0 Size:	407.9 KB ID:	1775644

    2) new

    Click image for larger version

Name:	7ad55965d0580bb20fa8fa3ab1d402a4.png
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    Click image for larger version  Name:	643f4ed7ab61696b91f6759bfbe96dee.png Views:	0 Size:	183.1 KB ID:	1775645

    Besides, the VR thumbstick still doesn't work in the widget .. instead the keyboard works perfectly
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      I changed everything again.
      But I can't find a way to control HUD with the Index Controller.

      I provisionally created a BP Interface to manage Thumbsticks.
      But to manage the button to simulate clicking on the answer buttons, it would cost me many functions in the BP Interface. And I don't think it's the right method.

      Can someone help me?

      Controller Pawn: