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    AR Core Update Path

    Hi all,

    I really hope someone at Epic has the chance to see this.

    Can you please let us know more about the exact update path for AR Core in Unreal? The SDK provided literally hasn't been touched since 15 months and there have been some really important updates which would be more than nice to have. We as a small company have built our tech base around Unreal Engine so we are quiet heavily dependent on it. Please show your mobile AR developers some love and give us some information.

    We love the engine but this is starting to cripple our AR projects.


    I don't understand your problem, there is only 9 version different between UE4 ARCore plugin and the Google latest version


      Yeah man, there should be a gap of at least 10 versions, it's an industry standard. Jokes aside, I would love to see some TLC on AR. Unreal started off so good, but somehow they moved their attention towards high end desktop platform, which is kinda worrying, because I don't like Unity that much.


        Well it is 10 Versions behind now...

        I mean why should anyone from Epic Games bother to actually explain what they intend to do? They only hyped AR two years ago and told us how amazing UE is for AR Stuff. It’s not like we should expect to be able to ship state of the art AR Apps by now.

        But seriously... at the moment I would prefer it if they at least stopped breaking stuff. AR on Android keeps getting worse. If they keep working on it at the same pace as the last year, there is no future for AR on UE4.


          I think there will be no updates for the UE4.
          Maybe when UE5 released, the Epic cutch up.