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QUEST : when lauching get error : Private/StaticMeshRender.cpp] [Line: 797] Ideas?

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    [OCULUS] QUEST : when lauching get error : Private/StaticMeshRender.cpp] [Line: 797] Ideas?

    Hello VR mates,

    Thanks to the community and the tutorials, I finished a first VR project but when launching with editor on the Oculus Quest it I got this error report :

    [File D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/StaticMeshRender.cpp] [Line: 797]

    I found very few post on internet about this. Some say it comes it come from the NavMesh and others suggest to
    create a new project and then re-import all the Uassets back into the new project

    Of course, I will try this and find a solution that I will post here, but I was wondering if any of you encountered this error and found a solution or have an idea to share. That would be nice :-)
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    Ok After some trials, I found this issue and leave the solution here in case someone run into the same problem :

    - The project contains different successive maps, you have to ensure that in the project settings default map (game and editor) are set to your very first map in the list (usually your intro or logo)

    - At package for oculus mobile devices, add an array and choose Quest

    Doing this solve the issue, the launching works correctly.

    Also a remark : with the Quest it seems you use launch for packaging (and not files-->package) with Unreal.