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Attach object to HMD?

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    Attach object to HMD?

    I've played with getting Position/Location of the HMD, but without much luck, does anyone know an easy way of attaching an object to the players head?

    Parenting a mesh only seems to inherit the rotation, and not the tracking position...
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    I'm not sure if there's an easy way- I've been trying to attach a headlamp to the player character without much luck. Over in the VR Template thread in the Community Content board, mitchemmc suggested the following:
    "I suggest finding the camera managers forward vector and rotating the headlamp to that, an example of that would be in the animation blueprint of the explorationCharacter where I do this to set the pitch and yaw values."
    I've had a look at the template but don't really understand enough about blueprints to be able to figure it out myself.
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