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    Originally posted by scha View Post
    Hello world,

    I'm learning VR so I decided to recreate in UE4 the basic VR interactions like one can see in Oculus Home or SteamVR Home. That includes simple teleport and turn in place using thumbstick (without pressing), outline for objects that can be grabbed, laser pointer interaction, etc.

    I took the default UE4 VR project and started to add new features to it. It's a work in progress, so not everything is implemented yet. So far I implemented the teleportation, outlines and started laser pointer interaction. You can see the result so far in the video below:

    If you want to try, the project is available on github:

    It's basically the default UE VR project template with some modifications. Modified parts are mostly in MotionControllerMap, MotionControllerPawn and BP_MotionController. Modified parts are all commented in orange color and prefixed with [BasicVR], so you can easily search for them.

    I only have Oculus Touch, so I'm not sure which controls are better for the Vive.

    I'll post here when I add some more features, so press Subscribe button above if you are interested.

    I hope you find the project useful!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! So excellent and elegant. Just a quick question, i there a way to get it to work in 4.18? I'm mostly in 4.24 but I'd love to incorporate real hands in an old thing I did,. I have added the hands BP and to a beautiful set of HD Arms and incorporating it into a Full Body IK setup a well!

    Thank you! I'd be happy to have implementation in 4.18 to any degree as long as the 'pickup with no digital penetration' (gross LOL) is working



      I have decided to pick up and fork your project and expand it Thanks for a great starting point!

      anyone who would like to help/contribute or just look at it here it is:



        big thanks for this Sir! I have found the official vr templates so empty and lack of stuff, glad to have heroes here!


          Thank you for sharing this! Keep up the good work.


            jjwisniewka Fantastic work! Thanks for picking up the torch

            Quick question: Is this blueprint-based? Ive been trying to create hand collision where hands dont intersect with static meshes but im having real trouble getting it right.