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Change FOV to have zoom/binacular effect

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    We ended up using a Scene capture 2D and a plane attached in front of the player. It's not the ideal solution as you lose most of the VR related rendering features, because the VR camera renders only the plane with an animated texture. Also, it's not really great for performance as you essentially have 2 render threads, so it's important to occlude the VR camera completely (attach occluders in front of it). So at least you render the actualy 3D scene once. But there is still a base-line cost for rendering an empty scene.

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  • started a topic Change FOV to have zoom/binacular effect

    Change FOV to have zoom/binacular effect

    I was wondering if there is a way to change the FOV. Regular camera settings seem to be ineffective, which is reasonable as I guess Oculus doesn't want those to be altered for the 99% of the projects. But I saw that their new game, Phantom: covert ops uses a similar approach for scoped sniper rifles, so there is hope. In my case, I would like to mimic regular binaculars.