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Controlling timelines with motion controllers

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    Controlling timelines with motion controllers

    I think what I want to do is to control a timeline with the motion controller position. The part I'm not sure about is whether or not it's even possible to manually control the time of a timeline in the way I intend to. I think I saw a node for timelines that updates the time of the timeline in documentation, would this be an applicable way of going about things?

    The interaction in question is racking a slide on a pistol, so a one second timeline could have the slide at it's full extension in the middle (I'd also fire an event then to call the bullet casing firing out as well as chambering a round, etc). Then the timeline would also just play when the gun fires by pulling the trigger as well.

    So the question would be, is this even possible? Is there another option I'm not even thinking of? I'm really not sure how to animate the slide so any help is appreciated. Im working in blueprints but if this can only be done in c++ I'm very interested in at least seeing where I can learn about the method behind it. Thanks!

    I've been googling looking for anyone else who has had this answered for them but I havent found anything. Sorry if I missed something!

    Commenting in hopes of someone responding