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Niagara render broken in VR with Instanced Stereo ON

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    Niagara render broken in VR with Instanced Stereo ON

    Has anyone else managed to get Niagara to render correctly in VR with instanced stereo ON?

    When stereo is turned ON, the particles render incorrectly (flickering) like each eye is a different position...

    This issue has been happening (in different forms) since 4.21 and is still here in 4.23.
    It makes using Niagara impossible in VR, since we can't afford to turn off instanced stereo... which is a real shame given the possibilities it could open.

    I found one issue in the database but it's been marked as cannot reproduce which is weird since it seems that many of us are having that problem still

    I've entered a new bug report and waiting to hear from QA, but if you've had any luck getting it to work please let me know

    Hello Chris,

    Niagara + ISR is currently expected to be supported in 4.24

    New issue for tracking: