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Media Player not working for Oculus Quest

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    [OCULUS] Media Player not working for Oculus Quest

    I can't get the Media Player to work for Oculus Quest at all.

    What I have:
    * A simple blueprint spawned in the scene with a audio component and a plane, and a material combining a video mask and a video source together. (This material works fine in the Quest).
    * A greyscale video matching another video source used for masking
    * A normal video

    I've tried a bunch of different formats:
    * AVI
    * MP4
    * MPEG
    * 3GP
    * MOV
    * FLV
    * M4V
    * WEBM
    * MTS

    - but none of them yields a working result. The Media players just do not start playing.

    We use UE 4.22.
    All the video sources are withing the Content folder of the project.

    This project works fine for PC with .MOV file formats.

    All other components but the Media Players work in the Quest. It might also be the Render Texture, but its really hard to test.

    Is there a fix for this? Or perhaps