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360° Videos in VR, 8k

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    360° Videos in VR, 8k

    Hey there~

    Has anyone experience with 8k videos in unreal? currently using 4.22.3

    We're trying to get a 360° video ready for VR - it works fine in 4k but it would be great to use the 8k version.

    Playing the vid on it's own runs smoothly - it seems to be the CPU getting problems as soon as we try to play it as media texture on a sphere. It's not lagging but i's rather in slow mo with sometimes speeding up for a few seconds.

    Any idea how to get it back on normal speed?

    It's not an fps problem in the editor itself but rather the CPU ( Intel Core i7-9700K, 8 cores) just getting maxed out as soon as we press play. Ikd is there a way to get it rendered on the GPU or some special compression mode for high res vids?

    Thanks in advance!