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Making VR Edit Mode functions work in "normal" VR mode

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    [VIVE] Making VR Edit Mode functions work in "normal" VR mode

    Hey guys,

    I'm working on a vr project for one of our clients and I'm having great difficulty integrating the existing vr edit mode features like rotating, scaling and placing via the radial menu on to our own radial menu. Currently I'm using the vr expansion plugin by Mordentral in conjunction with the vr integrater plugin by Devero. Almost everything is converted to my clients needs but I'm really struggling to get those lovely vr edit mode features on to my own radial menu. I looked through the whole content browser area and couldn't find anything, except there were some mesh/material/sound files in the engine content -> vreditor folder that are indicating that these functions MUST be somewhere.

    So, I'd be glad for any help I can get on this subject.

    Kind regards