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Unreal doesn't recognize my Vive Headset (VR Preview grayed out) but Steam is working properly.

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    [VIVE] Unreal doesn't recognize my Vive Headset (VR Preview grayed out) but Steam is working properly.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to Unreal but have really been enjoying creating a VR experience (created a beautiful VR scene that I want to try!) but I can't FOR THE LIFE of me get the VR Preview button to not be grayed out. I am running UE 4.21 with and HTC Vive running SteamVR. My machine is a Windows 7 laptop with a i7-6820HQ CPI and 64 GB RAM.

    - I verified that I have the SteamVR plugin enabled within Unreal Engine under the Plugins menu
    - Restarted my machine.
    - SteamVR is all set up - I did the room setup and calibrated the head unit. When I pick up my HMD I see the blank gray grid and everything seems to be functioning, including the motion controller.
    - Tried starting with a blank blueprint project, then a blank project where I added the VR package to the template, then a VR project, all produce the same grayed out VR button.
    - Tried packaging an Unreal Package with "Start in VR" enabled. The program starts but the headset has no effect. I tried starting it with SteamVR already running and without.
    - SteamVR never boots automatically when I started any of the above templates... is that normal?

    I tried literally following the processes that are laid out in this tutorial but I can't ever use my VR HMD in Unreal. They just don't seem to be talking to one another.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas! I've run out of ideas on how to solve the problem. I'm downloading 4.16 to see if it's a version issue, but I'm not exactly hopeful...

    Sorry, I can only answer your last question - that's not normal. SteamVR always starts up automatically every time I open Unreal Engine, even if my Vive is completely unplugged.