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Set up the CAD Model for VR Interaction

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    Set up the CAD Model for VR Interaction

    I want to import my CAD Model of a House into a VR environment and interact with it. I.e. open the window or change the rotation direction of the window save the changes and reimport it into the CAD Program.
    I have exported the Model into a c4d file (since UE4.23 nativly supports cinema4d) and importet it into my level but this is everything i could do so far. I am hardly trying to get any interaction with the model but not a single tutorial helped me so far. I guess the first step is to enable collisions somehow but all proposed solutions from different tutorials dont want to work in my case. Furthermore i couldnt find a tutorial explaining this exact workflow how to set up an cad model for vr interaction, so in case anyone of you knows little more then i do, i'd be really thankful for any input.
    Thank you !

    Best regards
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    Did you learn any UE basics? Any (non-vr) basic tutorial should work on that things...
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