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Bug with mouse control in VR issue in a packaged game (tested in Oculus and Vive headsets)

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    Bug with mouse control in VR issue in a packaged game (tested in Oculus and Vive headsets)


    I have been getting an issue when utilizing the mouse in a packaged version of a VR experience using both the Oculus CV1 and Vive headsets. In addition, I have a dual monitor setup.

    When I am in the packaged version of any experience (not just my own game) and click into the screen, my cursor becomes occupied by the screen. The issue occurs when I try to do something such as move a turret on my tank with the mouse by continuously pushing it in one direction and then clicking to 'shoot.' The clicking seems to make it leave the default screen view and it becomes very annoying to have to take off the headset, put the mouse back in the window and continuing to use the mouse. This issue does not occur with VR preview in the editor.

    It seems like this person in this thread has experienced a similar issue a long time ago that got addressed:

    So, just to clarify - it seems like I can still control the mouse as long as I don't click. However, when I do move the mouse a certain amount to the right, it seems to move the cursor outside of the window onto my other monitor, and when I start trying to shoot, it clicks out of the window and I can't control anything anymore in my VR game anymore.

    Mouse and VR isn't a common thing so it doesn't seem like people have too much exposure to this issue, but it is something that has been bugging me recently.

    Would anyone know why this would occur? Thanks in advance!