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UE4.23 Preview - Hololens2 Emulator

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    UE4.23 Preview - Hololens2 Emulator

    I'm looking for a way to connect the HoloLens2 emulator ( ) to the target platform settings of UE.
    If possible with the Preview and not the source from GitHub.

    Has anyone done this before?
    Following steps are working:
    - Windows Insider Account / SDK
    - UE4.23 Preview in combination with the example project from here ( )

    Hanging here:
    - Link the device (which is created with the plugin) to the emulator

    Hi, I did it. You should install and run the emulator manually from MS website. I suppose that you have done that already.

    UE4.23 don't support direct run on the emulator from the editor. When you have started the emulator, click to Device Portal icon (with a little globe). The DevPortal will be opened.

    Compile a project with emulator support (select it in Project settings/HoloLens)

    Then go to Views/Apps/Deploy Apps, click Browse, find your package and click Install. When a package will be installed, find it in Installed Apps, select and click Start.


      Hi Andrey
      Thanks for your answer - I would like to debug/deploy directly to the emulator, not over a build.
      The same way you deploy on a mobile device that you have the opportunity to debug.


        Debugging is available too. Do all steps from my previous answer but don't start the app.

        However open MSVS, then go to Debug/Other Debug Targets/Debug Install App Package/Remote Computer/Manual connection.

        Switch to Device Portal and take IP address of the running emulator. Assign in MSVS

        Address -> IP of the emulator
        Authentification -> Universal

        then Start in MSVS. You would need to add a path to your symbols too.


          Thank you for the details - does this only work if you install Engine from source ?
          And there's no need to add the device (emulator) to the devices in unreal ?


            1. I don't know right now. I see 4.23.0 preview 2 in Epic Games Launcher but I don't tested its HoloLens2 support. But HL2 support surely present in Githut 4.23 preview.
            2. No. You can run and debug without adding a device or emulator.
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