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Arm IK not working when replacing mesh

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    [OCULUS] Arm IK not working when replacing mesh

    Hello everyone.

    I've been working on a character having IK arms while in VR and it works with the default Mannequin.
    The character I modeled shares the same Skeleton and even works nicely with Animation Assets, so I believe the rig is working as it should be.
    I followed this tutorial and again, it works with the Mannequin just like in the video, but the problem is when I change the Mesh to the character I made, it only shows me my character in T-pose.
    I double checked for the "Anim Class" to be "ThirdPerson_AnimBP_C", which is the one I modified for the IK and was working with the original model.

    I've been stuck for a couple days now and I'd really appreciate some help on this since I'm pretty new to Unreal and have been learning via tutorials.
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    When you change the mesh to different do you change anything else? Is your new mesh have different animation blueprint? To me it sound like "Animation Mode" is wrong in your Character Blueprint or in Animation Blueprint the "Default" animation state machine is not connected.