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nDisplay application not working

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    nDisplay application not working

    Hello there,
    I managed to package the nDisplay template project with a custom config file.
    The plan is to start the application on my work pc (using 1 of the 2 displays) and a second one, that is connected to a TV.

    Using the nDisplayLauncher the project does deploy to the secondary PC. The listeners both start.

    When selecting "Run", one display on the work pc and the TV on the second PC turn black. After a couple seconds you can see the app running behind the Launcher window on the work PC, then closing. The TV stays black.

    "Kill" does stop the app and "Stop listeners" does work, too.
    The custom config file is linked in editor, too and does seem to have the correct effect.

    Question: How do I get the app to run on both displays (and not close)?

    config file:

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

    You probably have done this already, but if not, search for "error" then "warning" in the log files on the second pc. Also try launching the app standalone on both PCs.


      Two possible Problems either you have spaces in your paths for the config file or you need to move your x value of your camera position (or your screen). But Camera position and Screen position should not overlap