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    Open level widget issue

    I hope someone here can help.

    I have created a simple widget load screen map so that I can use it as the base level and opening screen, like the one robo recall uses to start the game..

    But when I click on my widget and open the level desired (for now a copy of the loadscreen level)... it opens with the figure facing 90 degrees away from where my vr pawn camera faces.

    What might be going on ?

    Also, I'd like to edit the motion controller BP to remove teleport ability at the loadscreen level, but re instate it in my regular level, so I've edited the motion controller bp, but when I delete the current one and try to drag in my edited one, the vr hands are way off track..

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    For your orientation issue - You may be able to fix this by calling "Reset Orientation and Position" (and feeding in a different yaw value if needed) but first be sure that "forward" (normally facing down the X-axis) in your load-screen level is the same as the level you load into.

    For the motion controllers - in the VR Template BP_MotionController is spawned in MotionControllerPawn, so you probably shouldn't be dragging BP_MotionControllers in to your level. (Just ensure that there is only one MotionControllerPawn and Auto Possess Player is set to Player 0 )

    Hope that helps!


      Thx. I'll try them both out tonite


        The reset orientation and position worked..

        Now both levels load facing correctly.

        To clarify my VR pawn issue.

        I'm not dragging in the motion controller BP, just an edited copy of the vr pawn

        I have duplicated and manipulated a few versions based off the VR PAWN that calls the motion controllers.
        I always want the VR hands and motion controllers so I can grab or pick up assets or interact etc

        But I'd like the option to have all three in one project.
        So at any point I can create a level in that same project
        VR WALK
        VR NO TELE
        Even THIRD PERSON VR.. editing the third person pawn so it plays in VR with my HMD controling the head.
        I've got IK set up on the hands

        But whenever I try to delete the current VR PAWN, with teleport

        Then drag in my VR WALK or VR NO TELE..

        The motion controllers/ vr hands are completely off track.. way off in the distance..

        How do you replace the vr pawn currently in the template with a custom one you've created ?
        I dont just want to edit it, because that would affect the play level my loadscreen opens up..

        But I dont want teleportation on the loadscreen..

        And, I'd like the option to have a "vr walk" level

        Even a third person VR level, all of them in the same project
        (I'll use the 3rd person VR character to walk on terrain, because only that figure actually seems to stand on hills etc)
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          It sounds like your PlayerStart may still be in your level and you're spawning in as the pawn defined in your game mode (and seeing another pawn that you're sending inputs to in the distance)

          either that or something related to your IK setup.

          Try using the console command showdebug character to see what you're currently possessing.

          If you're unfamiliar with game modes:

          I'd advise you to try and use as few pawns as possible - instead of multiple pawns: control functionality with a boolean. Create a function to turn teleportation on/off. Then in a blueprint you can Get Player Pawn -> Cast to yourpawnname -> As yourpawnname -> call function.