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Using a linetracebychannel for each separate level

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    Using a linetracebychannel for each separate level

    Hi. I've got a single BP_GearVRPawn that represents the VR controller (I'm building for samsung gear vr with controller).
    There are 3 levels in the game.

    In each level there is a BP_GearVRPawn instance.

    I wanted each level to have its own linetracebychannel because the hit objects are different in each level.

    And to handle this (see image below) there's a switch node after the controller trigger is pulled.

    Was just wondering if this is an ok way to do things and if there is a better way.

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    Hey jmgold07, what I might do in this specific case is to have your switch change a trace channel variable rather than link to completely different LineTraceByChannel nodes. So in the end, you would have just one LineTraceByChannel blueprint node called, with your custom TraceChannel variable that has been set with the switch node.

    Another potential solution would be to bind a new event to MotionController(R)Trigger in the level blueprints of BoxLevel and BoxLevel2. This way when one is loaded, it would reassign what happens when you press the trigger.
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