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Looking for UE4 expert to freelance for us in creating some VR property tours.

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    [OCULUS] Looking for UE4 expert to freelance for us in creating some VR property tours.

    Our company is called Jestalt, we are experimenting with UE4 and all it has to offer. We are hitting some serious candidate limitations in RSA as
    UE4 is not widely adopted here as of yet. Need some professional freelancer assistance on various VR projects which we do not have the time to
    sit and learn from scratch right now. Not sure if this forum is the correct place to be looking for this type of help, any assistance will be greatly
    appreciated. Thanks

    hope i can help you with your VR project, as i am working as a freelancer and have 3 years experience of the unreal engine. There´s so much you have to learn, so i will say
    that i am now at an advanced level, when it comes to know unreal and vr.

    I am based in germany, so hopefully this is not a stopper for you to contact me.

    What exactly is, what you want to do as an VR experience for you and your customer? You want to make a tour trough a house or building in VR?
    I do a test project now (can see it on my facebook-site: ArchVis-Reality) where a customer can walk through a house or room and interactive changing materials and design objects.
    Maybe this is what you want to do with your projects.

    Hope i can help you

    Nice greetings from germany

    KreatiVR:Interactive architecture visualization in 360° VR

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      Not throwing my hat in to the arena just yet, But I am a 3D artist thats been learning UE4 since it was released.
      I am employed full time as an IT professional so Can only work on VR projects in my spare time & Been a huge VR enthusiast since the DK2.
      Depending on what the requirements and scope of the project I may be able to help.


        Sent you a PM.
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