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Vive Tracker randomlyhas incorrect orientation...

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    Vive Tracker randomlyhas incorrect orientation...

    I am having an issue where my Vive Trackers are (not all the time, only sometimes) rotating when I start UE4. Before I press the VR Preview button in Unreal I can see them in my headset in the correct position. However, once I press the VR Preview button to start the Unreal scene, some of the trackers rotate around to face the wrong way...and it is the actual orientation of the tracker, not just the display mesh. Any ideas to prevent this?


    We are facing the same issues. I was able to narrow it down substantially, though.
    The issue seems to occur, whenever the vive controllers get sent to power-save/turn off when idle...
    When you turn them back on, Unreal seems to wrongly handle SOME internal indices...
    You will get your controller back as usable controllers, but the tracker will also become some sort of controller (we assign meshes to found controllers and the tracker gets assigned a controller mesh whenever that issue happens as well)
    The orientation of a tracker and a controller seem to be different (internally), so the axis orientation are not working anymore...and the forward vector is not what you'd expect it....

    The only workaround to fix this, for us for now, is to repair the tracker with the system.

    It's a real issue for us though and it would be great, if someone could tell us more about it/have an in-depth look into the code...