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Using VR Motion Controller while playing "in-editor"

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    [OCULUS] Using VR Motion Controller while playing "in-editor"

    I am doing some hand interaction works in UE4.17 but I found it extremely hard to troubleshoot because (1) if I play in "VR Preview" mode, I cannot see what's happening in editor viewport because VR Preview is running in another window. And (2) if I play "Selected Viewport" with "Viewport Gets HMDControl" ON, I can move my head but the motion controllers won't show up...

    I hope UE4 to see and inspect objects at runtime just like what we can do with Unity. For now, I think if there is a way to enable Motion Controllers while play in Editor Viewport can solve most of my problems. Does anyone know a way to do it?

    Under Edit --> Editor Preferences... --> Play there is an option called "Should minimize Editor on VRPIE".

    If you untick that, the editor will remain visible during the VR Preview and you will be able to debug your blueprints. To avoid having to wear the HMD while doing so and enable the motion controller tracking, you can use the Oculus Debug Tool to bypass the proximity sensor (or place a finger/piece of tape on it).
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