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MAT_StereoViewer: Having an issue with Stereoscopic Panos Seam UE4 4.20

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    [OCULUS] MAT_StereoViewer: Having an issue with Stereoscopic Panos Seam UE4 4.20

    Hello everyone,

    I have been working on implementing stereoscopic panoramics on the Go. Yes I am aware of the live training from Sam Deiter as well as the unreal engine documentation

    I am getting quite a bad seam down the middle, and I can't see the same effect when he works with panoramics in his tutorial. I have tried my own pano renders, as well as the ones with the plugin, leading me to believe it is in fact something else.

    I have all the proper settings on - Full rough, full precision, etc.

    I have documented everything happening and all steps I took in the images attached. I would very much appreciate it if somebody could assist, I'd even pay $$ for someones time.

    Thanks very much to anyone who reads.
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    Would definitely appreciate a response. Surely someone has had this problem before? There is really a big lack of information on this sort of thing. A shame, as the technology is so useful.


      Nobody knows anything at all about this?


        This was how I fixed it. Thanks to this forum post:

        I've posted pictures of how to do it. This works in unreal engine 4.20. Hopefully this post will help someone else, as this wasn't easy to find a solution for. The StereoIndex is a custom material node that you have to create and enter the code in the picture.


          Hey Nanukpolar,

          Sorry to hear that the docs are out of date for getting this to work as you are right, this is a very useful workflow. I also want to thank you for posting the solution for how you fixed this issue. I have taken the solution you posted and updated the doc's to include this as it was indeed not working correctly. You can check out the changes using the following link:

          Please let me know if there are any other questions or issues and thank for letting me know about this not working.


          Sam Deiter