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    So apparently this has all changed in 4.24 because my entire WMR controller blueprint setup seems to have been deprecated..

    I'm trying to find out what it has been replaced with, but if anyone has that information already, please let me know!

    EDIT: Thanks to the Unreal Slackers Discord, I found out that you are apparently now forced to do input mappings....

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.JPG
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    Oh, my god, that is correct, thank you!

    But why on earth would Epic create special input for WMR and then forget to map that same input to the regular VR controller events?

    I hope they fix it now that OpenXR is a released standard.

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    Don't have WMR, but as per WindowsMixedRealitySpatialInput.cpp,





    Click image for larger version

Name:	001.png
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    Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.PNG Views:	1 Size:	211.8 KB ID:	1648317

    Nope, seems incredibly glitchy because this is my result right now (4.22.3).

    Trigger, Grip1 and Thumbstick is the only ones that work. The rest are stone dead.

    EDIT: Forgot the Shoulder buttons but they're completely unresponsive too.

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    Did they reverse this in 4.22.3?

    I can now get thumbstick input, but I can't get the trackpad to work...
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    hi orion78, your input mapping doc is a really nice asset, thank you!

    i have a project for oculus rift and vive i am getting ready to release, and am interested in packaging for microsoft headsets. I am planning on setting one up soon, so i was looking at your doc and am wondering about the MS input mappings.

    it says, at the bottom of the MS section, "Nothing for the Thumbstick" but the first two lines are "Get motion controller Thumbstick X -> range -1, 1 Trackpad X axis" and "Get motion controller Thumbstick Y -> range -1, 1 Trackpad Y axis"

    I am not sure I understand what this means - are the Trackpads using the thumbstick input events, i.e., Motioncontroller (L) Thumbstick Y? Can you NOT read the thumbsticks? or do they both return values from the thumbstick input events because the user is either using one or the other?

    thanks much!

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    That seams right to me.
    Thanks, I add it to the doc for further readings. Might make a picture link later...

    So, apparently, the Thumbstick is not mapped at all. Thanks for your mapping

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    As far as I can tell:
    Get motion controller Thumbstick X -> range -1, 1 Trackpad X axis
    Get motion controller Thumbstick Y -> range -1, 1 Trackpad Y axis
    Get motion controller Triggeraxis -> range -1, 1 Trigger

    Event: MotionController FaceButton1 -> Trackpad click up
    Event: MotionController FaceButton2 -> Trackpad click right
    Event: MotionController FaceButton3 -> Trackpad click down
    Event: MotionController FaceButton4 -> Trackpad click left

    Event: MotionController Trigger -> Trigger
    Event: MotionController Grip1 -> Grip Trigger

    Event: MotionController Shoulder -> Home Button

    I wasn't able to figure out the thumbstick.

    added trigger event
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  • started a topic Windows Mixed Reality Input Mappin

    Windows Mixed Reality Input Mappin

    Hi everyone,

    I am building a condensed documentation about input mapping for multiple gamepad/vive controller and so on on Unreal
    This one is available here

    The thing is, I cannot find any schema for Windows Mixed Reality controller. More, even if I can deduce most of the inputs, I cannot find any input for the physical thumbstick of the controller (as the thumbstick input are mapped over the trackpad...)

    Do you guys find this information somewhere?

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