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Making simple project a Player based project ?

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    Making simple project a Player based project ?

    I first created a project using the typical project.. the one which begins with the table and chairs.. but now that I've got my assets inmported and textured and somewhat have the hang of the software, I'd like to begin using a player model so the Rift follows the height of the player instead of going up or down into the floor as I "walk" around.. how might this be done?

    As I understand you want a player character instead of the built in "flight cam".

    If that's the case then try and load up a demo like the "Realistic Demo". Migrate the MyGame and FPS_character BP's into
    your project and make sure to link the BP's the correct places (settings for instance).

    This should give you a simple playable character which moves somewhat realistically.

    I'm new to this as well and haven't tested it on the DK2 yet (should arrive next week), but it should give you somewhere to


      Use the search and look for VR Template, its a nice starting point, when you understand all things in that template you are ready for next step.
      pd: excuse my english.

      lfw/paid modeling, painting, texturing.