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Disable head-based turning?

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    Disable head-based turning?

    Hi there, guys.

    I'm not really into VR development but I figured this would be about the only place where anyone could help me with this.

    Does anyone know whether there's any way to edit a game's config files to disable head-based turning in VR?

    That is, to keep the game from automatically walking in the direction you're looking.

    In particular, this is what is keeping me and many others from being able to enjoy Vanishing of Ethan Carter in VR, since this behaviour is a massive stomach killer.

    I'll appreciate any insight.
    Thanks in advance!

    I highly doubt you can change the locomotion logic without acting on the source code. I understand the game has movement by teleportation as an option, but it can only be activated by starting a new game. Your best option is to contact the authors and ask them to implement another alternative motion logic.
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