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Easiest way to add Z-axis movement to VRPawn?

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    [VIVE] Easiest way to add Z-axis movement to VRPawn?

    G'day! I'm just starting out with Unreal Engine and I've been playing around with the VR blueprint template. I've been able to do some cool stuff by following tutorials, but I'm stuck trying to figure out a good way to introduce Z-axis movement. I simply want to use the directional pad on one of the Vive controllers to raise and lower myself (instead of teleport). Is there a straightforward way to implement this?

    I read a suggestion to use the VR Expansion Plugin, and while I've been able to integrate it with my project, I haven't been able to actually modify anything. Having trouble finding good tutorials for it, but it does seem promising.

    Thank you! =)

    I think there are possibly two approaches for this. One is having another component on your Pawn, maybe call it Head Height component. And in the Pawn, attach your camera to this component. You can then increase the Z of this component to increase the height.

    This doesn't really work well if you have an attached body to the Pawn and different Pawn setup. I think that due to the Pawn having some collision and simulating physics, you will find that increasing the Pawn Z in the template will probably just cause the Pawn to move up a frame before dropping down. Therefore, you either need to remove the need for the Pawn to simulate physics or have extra components and attach to them on the Pawn, allowing the Pawn to remain at Z = 0.


      Thanks for the reply. That sounds like a reasonable approach. I think I'll remove the need to simulate physics as a start and see how that does.