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GEAR VR: Deferred Decals not showing

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    GEAR VR: Deferred Decals not showing

    Hi all,

    I am trying to build a very simple scene (square room with a few slides as decals on the walls) for Gear VR.
    Everything works fine, except I can't get the Decals to show when i view my project on the Gear Itself. The decals pose no problem in the viewport

    I am on the lastest UE4 build 4.19.2
    I created a completely empty project (no engine content, mobile, scalable) and just added a wall with a basic (base color only) material
    My decal material is a just a simple picture and has no problem rendering in the viewport
    I am building for a Gear VR on a Samsung S6 edge +
    The packaging runs fine and gives no errors or warnings

    I have tried all combinations for:

    - packaging settings i tried them all, but stick to multi now assuming this will cover all possibilities
    - forward shadowing in project settings
    - DBuffer and Zpass settings in project settings and the corresponding settings in the decal-material

    I have been on this for a week trying to find a solution. Looking at the google results so far i get the feeling this is not a widespread problem, so it must be something very specific and/or obscure

    Does anyone have any idea's what i might be doing wrong?

    Best regards,


    The thing is decals require Mobile HDR, which doesn't get along with VR.


      Originally posted by moulder6 View Post
      The thing is decals require Mobile HDR, which doesn't get along with VR.
      I wonder how to make simple decals that work on mobile VR and don't bog down performance


        Thanks for your reply.

        Yesterday I figured out the HDR setting.

        When i use HDR and turn OFF the forward shadowing and turn OFF the DBuffer & Zpass (also adjust the Decal-material for this) and use ES2 and NOT ES3.1 then i get to see my decals in the GearVR.

        - The only thing is now that the Decals look almost emissive , even with almost no lighting in the scene the Decals look very bright. Maybe i should try out unlit in the Decal-material setting ??
        - I also don't understand why with the ES3.1 the decals are showing in the mobile preview, but not in the GearVR,