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HMD not turning on after using UE4

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    [OCULUS] HMD not turning on after using UE4


    I've visited Oculus Forums, Google and left a question on Epic Answer HUB and so far have not seen anyone with the same issue. My next recourse is to see if Oculus knows anything about it.

    I am able to run Oculus Home and play games just fine. If I decide to work on a VR game in UE4, it works as well. No problem. However, here is where my problem begins. On the event I shutdown UE4 then Oculus Home and decide later on to fire up Oculus Home, the usual white light will turn on and when I put on the headset, it will turn on but then a few seconds in, everything turns off and the little white light turns orange while Oculus Home is still running.

    I have tried, reinstalling all my drivers and Oculus Home. Switched between Oculus Core 2 and the original. I've even reinstalled Windows and Unreal Engine 4. Unplugged sensors and HMD. Unplugged monitors. Close and Open Oculus Home.

    Restarting my computer seems to fix everything.

    Has anyone else encountered this issue and/or might know of a solution?
    I obviously don't want to restart my computer everytime I want to use my Rift so any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!!

    I am using Windows 10 with the Creator Update.
    Nvidia GTX 1070
    Intel i7 2.8ghz
    32gb RAM