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VR Tutorial: Components not showing up in Blueprint

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    VR Tutorial: Components not showing up in Blueprint

    Hey guys, newbie here going through the Oculus Rift VR tutorials on the site. I have gone through the headset setup tutorial and setting up motion controllers now when I noticed something.

    The components I setup are not showing up in the blueprint editor.
    In step 5, it shows the VRCameraRoot and VRCamera components inside the blueprint editor.

    For me, though it is not showing:

    Did I do something incorrectly?

    P.S. Why for a standing experience am I setting the Origin to "Floor Level"?

    It's not 100% clear from the documentation, but the Motion Controller tutorial builds on the Set Up a Standing Camera or Setup a Seated Camera tutorials. You should start with one of them, depending on the experience you want to build, then add the Motion Controller portion.

    To your P.S. question, there are basically two tracking origins you can choose from: Floor Level and Eye Level. Floor Level is the most typical one. It is used to make the virtual floor coincide with the real floor, so your point of view is as close as possible to a real-life experience. For the Oculus this also makes the Guardian System sits properly on the floor. Eye Level is used for situations where you don't have a "floor" (e.g. you are flying in helicopter or sit in a vehicle) or you don't need to provide a realistic point of view on the virtual world.
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      Hi vr_marco,

      That is exactly what I was doing. I immediately went from the Standing Camera tutorial to the Motion Controller tutorial when I noticed the discrepancy between what components were showing in the tutorial and what were showing up in my screen as above. Im just not really sure why the components I added in the Standing Camera tutorial are not showing up under the Pawn Blueprint.

      Thank you for the P.S. answer. That is very insightful.