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Needs some tips! Movement and collision

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    Needs some tips! Movement and collision

    I need some tips for VR development. I'm just adding in Occulus support to a pre-made level made for our company (with permission).

    I have the Pawn all set up and movement (thumb stick locomotion, no teleport) working but i need some tips on a few things.

    1: The one issue i have with movement is stopping. I would like a more "fluid" stop (if at all possible). A sudden stop is very jarring in VR i find. I have slowed the walking speed down considerably, but a sudden stop seems to me where most people get motion sick.

    2: I have a step going up into a house (single step, about a foot high), but the pawn does not step up. It also "ghosts" through the walls. I'm guessing these two things are related in some way. I need a nudge in the right direction on how to fix this.

    Thank you for all your help!

    Have a look at my tutorial below. You can play with the parameters of the Character Movement Component to change the walking speed, the acceleration/deceleration, etc.

    What you report sounds strange though. Most scientific literature reports that, when walking in VR, a faster start/stop rather that a gradual acceleration/slow down is much less prone to cause simulation-sickness. This mimics how we walk in real-life, where we quickly reach a steady-state speed and stop almost in place. The same goes for rotations. A quick snap rotation (by 30 or 45 degrees) is easier to get used to than a gradual constant one. Anyway, it is always good to experiment and see what works best for you.

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      Hi Marco, I will check out your video when I have some free time tonight.