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Capturing Stereoscopic 360 Screenshots combined into a single image automatically.

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    Capturing Stereoscopic 360 Screenshots combined into a single image automatically.

    In new to unreal. I'm trying to follow this tutorial from the hellbalde 360 video example.
    I managed to get the screenshots for both the left and the right eye working. I managed to export them in a test animation for a environment i'm working on. I want to combine the 2 images like in the web page.
    However I really don't know where to paste any code or what some of the language is. I am a 2D artist & concept designer so i really don't know how to get what i want and its very frustrating and sort of daunting.

    I can open up SceneCapturer.cpp but after that i have no clue where to past #2 in the instruction past.

    If anyone can help me that would be greatly appreciated.
    Ninja Theory releases incredible 360 video of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and here's how they did it.

    Hi Tkxxx

    It would really depend on what you are intending to use the 360 captures for?

    I also had some trouble combining the images using the plugin.

    If you are using them for a steroscopic application (ie the image is 3D when viewed through an HMD like GearVR or Google Cardboard) this would be handled by whatever viewer you are using and the viewer will need both left and right eye images to create a stereoscopic image. You will just need to find out what layout your viewer needs to use the 3D image ie. left to right or top to bottom.

    If you are only needing the 360 captures for viewing in a browser, you only need one image, So you can use either the left or right images as it will make no difference. read up a bit on 360 panoramas here.

    Hope that helps.