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    DeepMotion Avatar is a physics-based character engine designed to enhance traditional keyframe animations with lifelike simulations. Reduce the cost of producing complex animations using our self-balancing, autonomous character rigs, and soft body simulation. Optimize real-world machinery by running articulated physics-based simulations and take VR / AR Avatar full body motion to the next level using 3 point tracked, full body avatars.

    Applications to participate in the closed alpha of are open.

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    Wow, it's incredible, I sign for the alpha!


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      Originally posted by SAMBUEV View Post
      Wow, it's incredible, I sign for the alpha!
      Thank you for signing up the Alpha! Here is a quick tutorial on how to rig a fully physics simulated humanoid character for 3 point tracking using DeepMotion pipeline and Unreal Engine under 10 minutes.

      DeepMotion Avatar Character Engine:


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        3 point tracked full body avatar based on physics simulation in Editor. The video was made with Unity editor but it also works in UE. It showed some full body motion induced by ground collision and also a non-standard 3-pt tracking where you put the trackers on the feet instead on on the hands. The avatar automatically shifts center of mass to the opposite foot when you lift one foot.

        Alpha sign-up at:
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